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Call us immediately on 0423 602 657 and we’ll help you with your plumbing emergencies without delay.

Randwick Plumbing Emergency

Lucy had noticed lately that when she flushed the toilet there was a gurgling sound like it was struggling to empty down the drain. She had never heard the toilet sound like that before and suspected that something might be wrong with it.

She decided that she would have to call in a plumber and started to ask around her friends and family if they knew of a good plumber they could recommend. Like herself, most of them had not called a plumber in years.

One of her friends did tell her that they too had a problem with their sewer and told her to try Your Neighbourhood Plumber Randwick. She had used the company for a few repairs recently and they were very polite and advised her of all of the plumbing issues in her house and options on what to fix and how much each item was to fix. She said that rather than feel pressured into having more than one thing fixed, she was happy that he pointed out a few things that needed more urgent repair than others and provided her with enough information and pricing to make an informed decision in the future.

Lucy called the Randwick Plumber and advised him of her gurgling toilet. The situation had no become an emergency, 6pm Friday and the toilet would not flush at all and she had people coming for a lunch tomorrow.

The plumber came in a truck with a high pressure water jetter and a sewer camera to fully investigate the emergency. He was able to use the jetter to partially clear the blockage and he investigated the problem with a sewer camera and found that the line was partially collapsed. He explained that there was a large tree that had broken into the earthenware pipes and caused the sewer to collapse.

Lucy organised for the plumber to return and dig up the line but she also asked her friends to postpone their lunch date due to the plumbing emergency, her friends were very understanding and one of them offered to relocate the lunch to her house. Lucy was happy that everything had worked out and ever the plumber said that he could return on Monday and replace the collapsed section of sewer as it would be more cost effective for Lucy.

If you need an Emergency Plumbing Service call your local neighbourhood plumber in Randwick on 0423 602 657.

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