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Sometimes in the early hours of the morning Rob’s hot water tank burst, he had no idea that it was going to burst and certainly had never had it serviced. He knew it was there, hidden under the stairs safely contained in a cupboard but was it safe?

Rob’s alarm woke him from his slumber at the usual time of 6:30am. It was Monday again and he felt like the weekend had just flown by. He turned off the alarm and wandered into the bathroom. He washed his face then went downstairs to get a cup of coffee. As he walked across the carpet he felt like his feet were wet. He stopped in his tracks when he realised he was standing in water!

What is going on He thought to himself? He didn’t have anything in the area that contained water, no pot plant, no glass of water that he been knocked over. He kept walking into the kitchen area and onto the tiles. The carpet was only wet next to the stairs. Why on Earth was it wet…then he realised, his hot water tank.He pulled the lounge forward and opened the cupboard door underneath the stairs, there was water everywhere.

He remembered that one of the other people in the townhouse complex had been raving about the services of Your Neighbourhood Plumber so he looked up the details on the website and called the plumber. Rob called his boss and explained the situation and allowed Rob to work from home today. Rob was grateful and organised the plumber to arrive at lunchtime.

When the plumber arrived he noticed that there were towels everywhere on the floor and was greeted by a rather grumpy Rob. The Randwick Plumber was quick to point out that part of the problem was the hot water tank was not sitting in a drip tray where spillage could drain away it was just sitting straight on the floor.

The plumber discussed the options available to Rob and they agreed with a bit of extra plumbing involved to move the tank outside so if the tank did happen to burst again he would not have it burst in the house. He also sold Rob an upsized tank, the previous tank was only 80 litres; Rob purchased a 160litre tank so that when his girlfriend stayed over the hot water would not run out.

If you need same day service from your local neighbourhood plumber, just like Rob, call your local Randwick plumber on 0423 602 657.

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