plumber randwick - gas water heater

A gas water heater is commonly used especially in old households. Even it’s the old model, it can still provide hot water. On the other hand, this unit also experiences problems that delay its service. Regardless of the problem, it must be repaired immediately. Since it uses fuel to function, there’s a chance that the unit will explode if the problem is overlooked. Typically, the problem with the gas water heater is when it doesn’t heat up.  On the other hand, there are easy ways to repair it. Listed below are the following:
Problem: If gas type water heater doesn’t heat
Be sure that the gas unit is turned on

One thing to check first if the water doesn’t heat is if it’s turned on. In addition, switch from gas knob to pilot mode to prevent the burner from igniting when checking the condition of the unit. Afterwards, remove the metal cover found at the bottom of the unit see if the burner or pilot light is on.

The pilot light of the unit is out

For those unfamiliar about the unit, there’s a manual given by the manufacturing company. Read and follow the instructions in relighting the water heater. In addition, there are other situations that result to this one. For instance, if the gas inlet valve is partially turned off. If confirmed, the valve handle must be turned parallel to the line before relighting it. However, if this method doesn’t work, this means that there might be complications with the thermocouple. Repairing this problem needs a plumber. With this, it’s best to seek for their help and tips. Lastly, remember that some new models have either glow or spark ignitor than a pilot light.

If the burner is not on

If the burner isn’t on, change the cover and make sure that the temperature of the unit is set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to adjust it if it fails to work. You can turn the hot water tap on and wait for a couple of minutes. Then, see if the burner lights up. Leave the water running and alter the temperature setting on the dial from low to high if the burner isn’t working.

If the burner combusts

First of all, the cover must be replaced before turning the thermostat’s temperature back to its suggested set up. However, if the burner is still not working, call a professional who can assess the problem. There might be problems with the thermostat. If a professional suggest replacing the thermostat, better follow their advice. Let the plumber do the job in order not to worsen the issue. D-I-Y is cheap but homeowners tend to make mistakes that could result in another problem.

You can smell gas all around

If there’s gas odour spreading in the household, check all the appliances especially the water heater. As soon as you detect there’s a gas smell, turn off the gas valve control right away. Open all the windows and doors for the gas odour to disperse. Then, call your local plumber for assistance.