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Pipe Relining in Randwick

One of the challenges that property owners in Randwick and other parts of Sydney commonly encounter is root intrusion into sewer lines. Mature trees in residential properties add beauty and shade to gardens, as well as provide nutrition to their owners. But roots can cause extensive damage to sewer pipes as they contain water, nutrients and oxygen, which are essential for root growth.

Over time, old pipelines can have small leaks and cracks, especially earthenware pipes or those made of clay. Roots from nearby landscaped yards can travel to where the moisture is. Once the roots start to grow inside the sewer lines, they will thrive because of the presence of water. As a result, roots can grow bigger and bigger over time, causing blockage. If left unattended, the pipes underneath your home could collapse, which will require replacement, depending on the extent of the problem.

In the past, root intrusion into pipes will require deep excavation and the use of a machine called “electric eel” to replace the affected part, which is an incredibly expensive and disruptive yet temporary solution. Thankfully, pipe relining has been introduced and is now being used across Randwick.

Pipe Relining Definition

Pipe relining is a relatively simple, quick and efficient long-term solution blocked or cracked pipes. It is a trenchless method that eliminates the need for deep excavation, which can disrupt people’s lives.

Advantages of Pipe Relining

    • Less to No Disruption

– When you need to repair affected sections of a sewer line, you usually need to dig deep underground, causing damage to the landscaped area. But with pipe relining, plumbers only need to dig an area that will give them access to where the blockage is.

    • Economical Method

– Because pipe relining does not need deep excavation, the need to destroy pavements, patios and gardens is eliminated or at least minimized. When the lining material is installed, you will only have a bit of restoration to do, saving you time and money.

    • Faster Turnaround

– Lesser time is required to reline pipes because there is no need to dig dip into the ground or replace an entire pipeline.

    • Strong & Durable

– The resin mixture added to line the pipe strengthens the piping system, making it more durable and longer lasting. Aside from that, it also gets rid of the weak points and joints in the pipeline, giving it a higher efficacy.

How Pipe Relining Is Done

Pipe Preparation

    The damaged sewer line is inspected by inserting a drain camera into the interior of the pipe to assess its condition and determine whether relining is the best way to solve the issue.
    The pipe is thoroughly cleaned using a hydro-jet cleaning system, ensuring that the lining material will properly bond with the host pipe. Due to this process, roots that have caused the blockage are removed.

Lining Installation

    The lining material is inserted into the host pipe using a machine called an air inverter. Plumbers will then apply air pressure to bond the host pipe and the lining material. Such process is referred to as inversion.
    The new pipe formed by the resin mixture inside the existing sewer will be allowed to cure for a couple of hours. Larger pipes will be injected with hot water or steam to cure.


    A drain camera will again be inserted into the lined pipe to assess the quality of the pipe relining job.

For more information about how pipe relining can help you save money for the rehabilitation of your sewer system, give us a call on 0423 602 657.

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